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No more worrying about finding the balance between playing and learning

Prepare your preschooler for Kindergarten in a fun, interactive way, all from the comfort of your own home, class, or on the go. 

"I just wanted to thank you again for virtual preschool. My son, Bryson, is really loving it! I’m so glad we signed up for an annual plan. Thank you also for helping to relieve some Mom guilt. I’m trying to work remotely without child care while pregnant, and provide some learning opportunities. Thirty minutes with you and Betsy definitely make me feel better too, especially on the days that’s all I can do with my son."

In your free week of Play Your Way to K Virtual Preschool, you’ll receive: Alphabet Fun Weekly themed lesson

  • FIVE 30 minute Circle Time videos, each including:
    • Interactive Welcome Song by Nancy Kopman (Children’s Music with Nancy)
    • Songs, games, poems, and a lesson each day with lots of Alphabet Fun!
    • Storybook read-aloud
  • A printable "Enrichment Play Pack" with ideas and practice pages to extend the playing and learning at home
  • Ideas for hands-on activities

Enrichment Play Packs are created with the overachievers in mind.

You’ll be provided with 6 easy ways to play and deepen your preschooler’s learning after the lesson each day, such as cooking, music, art, and dance. 

You'll be provided with all the tools you need to help your preschooler build the foundation they need to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.


Participate in the 30-minute daily Circle Time with Miss Jamie, where your preschooler will sing the daily welcome song and learn the lesson of the day.

Kindergarten Prep

Your preschooler will participate in daily Circle Time and you’ll work together with your preschooler to complete the related daily Play Pack pages.


Daily Circle Time, daily Play Pack pages, PLUS you’ll set  up art, cooking, or other play activities that are suggested in each enrichment pack provided with the lesson.

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“Thank you does not even begin to express our gratitude for each of you and your passion for teaching young children! We look forward to each day’s episode, we can’t wait to work on the play pack, and read through the extension activity newsletter.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Miss Jamie!


Miss Jamie is a veteran teacher with over 20 years of classroom experience.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Reading Education from the University of Virginia.

In addition to teaching Preschool in Virginia, Miss Jamie provides teaching resources, ideas, and strategies to other Early Childhood Educators. Along with her co-teacher, Gemma Kenworthy, she has spoken to preschool teachers at conferences, workshops, and events across the country.

Miss Jamie believes that children learn best when they are engaged in rich play: pretending, building, creating, reading, singing, laughing, and getting messy. Her goal is to involve young children in Circle Time activities that increase their language development, cognitive skills, and love of school.

She knows that when children are participating, moving, laughing, and smiling, they are learning!

"Jamie, I can not thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty. My child and I both enjoy watching your videos and doing the play packs together. Thank you from the bottom of this momma's heart for all you do!"

If your goal is to help your preschooler fall in love with a lifetime of learning, you’re in the right place.

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